XG Stack

Spatium XG Control Stack is the cloud network OS

Converged 4G/5G core

Cloud-native standards compliant 4G/5G core

  • Unified data plane for 4G and 5G for consistent integration with enterprise IP network
  • Microservices based architecture to allow for auto-scaling and dynamic resource allocation per MicroSlice

5G LAN routing

Seamless interoperability between private 4G/5G networks and enterprise LAN

  • Maintain existing operational and security tools, visibility, and network segmentation
  • Support for multiple IP Domain models: NAT, IP Domain Routing, Supernetting

Designed for the secure enterprise

Experience better integration with existing security frameworks

  • Direct IP access between cellular network and LAN
  • IP level visibility for cellular connected devices
  • SIM/eSIM based authentication

Intelligent spectrum management

Dynamically optimize network performance with the available spectrum

  • Maximize coverage, capacity, and lower interference on the network
  • Works with shared spectrum, private licensed or licensed spectrum models
  • Built-in Domain Proxy functionality for CBRS operations

Auto-scaling and high availability

Modern cloud-native architecture to dynamically manage compute resources

  • 3+ node cluster for high availability
  • Auto load balancing, failure detection and recovery
  • Plug and play scaling with nodes added as necessary

Pre-packaged, ready to be deployed

Appliance ready for cloud based auto-provisioning for remote installation – no on-site support required.

  • Hardened and optimized appliance for plug and go simplicity
  • Flexible appliance sizing based on use case.
  • Start with a single node and cluster, simply add node(s) to scale up as network grows