XG Central

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The SpatiumXG 5G LAN solution is managed and operated through a network administration platform that is cloud-based and provides centralized coordination. This platform handles tasks such as configuring and optimizing network components, managing subscribers, and defining and automating the enforcement of Service policies for specific devices and applications.

Systems & Services Configuration
  • Manage enterprise networks without requiring expertise in cellular technology.
  • Establish enterprise routing policies that can be seamlessly integrated with enterprise LAN.
  • Define per-site spectrum policies, including Spectrum Access System (SAS) for CBRS.
  • Configure Quality of Service (QoS) and security settings based on intent using MicroSlicing technology. Additionally,
  • Create and manage multiple sites using the Site Establisher feature.
Configure systems and services, not 3GPP elements

Enterprise network operation without being a cellular expert

  • Define enterprise routing policies to integrate with enterprise LAN
  • Per site spectrum policy including SAS for CBRS
  • Intent based QoS and security configuration using MicroSlicing
  • Create and manage multiple sites using Site Creator
Device onboarding and management

SIM management made easy and secure

  • End to end SIM lifecycle management
  • Device policy management using device groups
  • Granular security controls like tying SIM to specific device HW
API-first platform

Integration with enterprise operational workflows

  • REST API access to management and monitoring data available in Orchestrator
  • Highly flexible system that can be integrated into existing operational tools and automated workflows
  • Integrate with IT Service Management (ITSM) systems, such as ServiceNow, Slack

Monitoring, Troubleshooting and Insights

Proactive detection with root cause analysis and mitigation

  •  Operational visibility for APs, Edge nodes/clusters and devices
  • Spatium XG Assistant offers relevant insights that pinpoint potential operational issues.
  • Monitor health and event data such as top talkers, site/AP/device events, round-trip times (RTT)
Role based admin access

Securely support different admin roles

  • Admin, read-only and MSP admin roles for different operational models
  • Single sign-on (SSO) admin authentication with standard enterprise authentication systems
Multi-level multi-tenancy

Built for enterprises and managed service providers (MSPs)

  • Easily manage separate tenant networks with a single-pane-of-glass view

LTE/5G Mobile Core

where enterprise apps are

Makes use of the cloud software principles, which enables easy access across both private and public clouds. It can also be made available on premises within the company.

  • Made available as an overlay when installed on premises
  • XG Central enables app level enforcement.
  • Network and policy automation made possible by machine learning
  • Role based policies with device level authorization

The main components of the SpatiumXG 5G LAN and the centrally managed SpatiumXG platform are both optimised to support plug-n-play installation within the already existing networks in the enterprise both indoors and outdoors.

  • Coordinated private spectrum access across the 5G LAN
  • Self organising wireless gives way to maximum network capacity
  • Device mobility and traffic flows made possible by proper infrastructure control
  • Service levels for throughput, error rate and Latency

SpatiumXG 5G LAN is a software made available to the user on a subscription basis and this includes both software and hardware components.