Who We Are

SpatiumXG is an industry-leading provider of enterprise private wireless solutions, recognized for its development of the groundbreaking all-in-one 5G LAN system that empowers companies to establish and manage their own private wireless infrastructure. Its advanced products and technology facilitate the adoption of business-critical applications and support Industry 4.0 digital business initiatives.

SpatiumXG harnesses the latest shared cellular spectrum options available worldwide to deliver a distinctive 5G LAN architecture, offering streamlined and automated deployment of cellular wireless technology for enterprises and their technology partners. This cutting-edge architecture is designed to simplify the deployment process and enable organizations to take full advantage of the benefits of private wireless networks.

By partnering with SpatiumXG, businesses can leverage the security, reliability, and control offered by private wireless networks, helping them stay ahead in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape. With its unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, SpatiumXG is a trusted partner for organizations seeking to accelerate their digital transformation journey.

Private 5G, redefined with new principles

A change is required in the architecture we find today to incorporate enterprise friendly deployment models

How It Works

Infrastructure Design

What makes up a SpatiumXG LAN?

Making the most out of private spectrum options, like the CBRS in the United States

Cloud First Architecture

Prepared for edge, private and public clouds SpatiumXG’s network operating system contains resources designed to scale horizontally with application requirements that keep evolving. To do this they are are built as micro services.

AI that acts

App intelligence through machine learning Changes in the configuration of the network and management of resources on cellular wireless are automated to achieve reliable app service levels like minimum throughput and maximum latency

Everything you need in one box

Developed for ease of access with plug-n-play installation Private LTE access points, AIOps platform for KPI centric tracking and network automation, SAS license for CBRS spectrum usage and SIM cards with 5G ready mobile core

Self organising wireless

No-touch operation indoors and outdoors. Developed for private spectrum options, based on application service level needs which are translated to LTE/5G scheduler actions and radio access network slicing.


Why SpatiumXG 5G LAN?

The 5G LAN technology developed by SpatiumXG LAN helps satisfy all the needs and requirements of enterprise IT and industrial IoT.


Application Aware

Specific latency, packet error rate and throughput metrics are assigned to each app


Enterprise ready

The different types of devices are mapped to already established enterprise IP domains for L2/L3 networking Overlay deployment Visibility of every app and device connected to SpatiumXG wireless to the rest of the enterprise network


Role based policies

Dynamic enforcement of access control on a per device or device group basis


Wireless with SLA

Dynamic management of mobility events and traffic flows to implement app quality service levels


Key performance indicators

The metrics laid down for 5G LAN tracks application specific SLAs throughout all devices and the network.


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Get in touch with one of our 5G LAN specialists for a personalised demonstration, according to your needs and requirements.