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Revolutionizing Networking: The World's First Open Source SD-WAN & SASE Solution.


XG SD-WAN represents a paradigm shift by seamlessly integrating networking and security, rather than treating them as add-ons to outdated systems. Leveraging the power of AI, XG SD-WAN enables enhanced quality-based routing decisions, while its automation capabilities ensure network self-healing and system stability. Experience a new era of networking with XG SD-WAN’s innovative and holistic approach.


Experience unmatched ease with XG SD-WAN as it emerges as the simplest SD-WAN solution to deploy and configure. Whether managing a network with three or three thousand devices, XG SD-WAN’s central management system streamlines the process with just a few clicks. Say goodbye to complex setups and welcome the convenience of XG SD-WAN. With its auto full-mesh and hub & spoke tunnel creation capabilities for selected devices, networking has never been this effortless.


Experience superior performance backed by Intel’s rigorous testing. XG SD-WAN stands as the only SD-WAN solution that seamlessly scales from small environments with just 2 CPU cores and 4GB of RAM to large servers and cloud platforms. This scalability makes XG SD-WAN the most cost-effective SD-WAN option available, catering to organizations of all sizes.

With XG SD-WAN’s innovative instance-based business model, costs are further optimized and predictable. Unlike traditional bandwidth-based models, XG SD-WAN’s approach ensures maximum cost efficiency, aligning with your specific business requirements. Elevate your network’s performance while achieving unmatched affordability with XG SD-WAN+-.

SD-WAN Explained


What is Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)

Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a centrally managed network that allows enterprises to utilize different, and typically lower cost, WAN interfaces such as broadband and wireless networks for creating their enterprise network architecture in an agile and customizable manner.

First SD-WAN & SASE open source

Embracing the Open Source Movement: Overcoming Vendor Lock-In with SD-WAN & SASE

While SD-WAN and SASE vendors incorporate open source elements in their products, they often maintain closed systems, hindering the progress of the “Open Source First” movement. This trend contradicts the mission to break free from vendor lock-in and move towards open, modular solutions, deviating from the era of closed monolithic systems.

SD-WAN & SASE solutions

Revolutionizing SD-WAN & SASE: XG SD-WAN’s Modular Approach. Unlike typical closed-box SD-WAN & SASE solutions, which incorporate numerous technologies, including sublicensed components, XG SD-WAN takes a different path. By slicing networking and security into horizontal layers, XG SD-WAN enables the dynamic integration of third-party applications. This modular approach ensures that deployments include only the necessary capabilities, reducing software and hardware costs. With XG SD-WAN’s groundbreaking concept, reminiscent of the smartphone model, organizations can extend the system with tailored functionalities, unlocking unparalleled flexibility and customization.

SaaS model 

XG SD-WAN: Empowering Users with a modular SaaS Model

Experience the ultimate convenience with XG SD-WAN’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, granting users effortless, self-service access to the system. Starting with a free tier, users can explore the platform’s capabilities, and for extended usage, a pay-as-you-go option is available with no long-term commitment. XG SD-WAN caters to diverse needs by offering multiple hosting options for the management system, flexiManage. Users can choose the hosting approach that best suits their requirements, ensuring seamless integration and efficient management. Additionally, XG SD-WAN adopts a hardware-agnostic approach, allowing users to bring their own hardware to the system. Certified hardware options are also available for those seeking optimized performance and compatibility. Discover the freedom and flexibility of XG SD-WAN’s SaaS model, enabling you to tailor your networking solution to your specific needs without any burdensome commitments.