Open Wi-Fi

OpenWiFi sparks an industry-wide revolution, propelling Wi-Fi infrastructure innovation to new heights.

OpenWiFi stands as a groundbreaking open-source initiative, driven by a vibrant community, to deliver a state-of-the-art disaggregated Wi-Fi software system. This comprehensive system comprises a cloud controller SDK and an Enterprise-grade Access Point (AP) firmware, meticulously designed and rigorously validated for flawless integration. Together, they form an unstoppable force, empowering Wi-Fi networks with unprecedented flexibility and performance.

Join the Open WiFi Movement

OpenWiFi operates under the management of SpatiumXG’s Open Converged Wireless (OCW) project group, fostering industry collaboration to develop, test, and validate products that meet the demands of Service Providers’ crucial use cases. With over 100 participants, including Service Providers, OEMs, ODMs, Software ISVs, System Integrators, Silicon Vendors, and Industry Organizations, the OpenWiFi community thrives on diverse expertise.

There are mulSpatiumXGle avenues to engage with and contribute to OpenWiFi:

Download the open-source software, explore its functionalities, and actively contribute to its development.
Connect with commercial vendors who are building innovative solutions based on OpenWiFi, expanding your network capabilities.
Take an active role in the community by participating in discussions, sharing insights, and contributing to the continuous progress of the project.
To delve deeper into the OpenWiFi Project and its offerings, explore comprehensive resources available to learn more.
Be a part of the OpenWiFi journey and shape the future of Wi-Fi infrastructure innovation.

Unlocking the Advantages of OpenWiFi

SpatiumXG OpenWiFi revolutionizes the Wi-Fi landscape by delivering a host of compelling benefits:

Cost-Efficient R&D: OpenWiFi drastically reduces the research and development costs associated with creating enterprise-grade Wi-Fi solutions. Its comprehensive feature set, encompassing Wi-Fi 6, Passpoint, and OpenRoaming® capabilities, empowers both existing and emerging suppliers to offer top-tier Wi-Fi products with significantly less development effort. Cloud software OEMs and hardware ODMs can leverage OpenWiFi’s robust single codebase, minimizing R&D expenses while building their solutions.

Accelerated Open Innovation: By consolidating control, data, and management layers, OpenWiFi enables suppliers and service providers to redirect their development and integration efforts towards service innovation, rather than reinventing Wi-Fi fundamentals. The cloud controller SDK provides open north-bound APIs, enabling seamless integration of over-the-top Wi-Fi applications with mulSpatiumXGle vendor solutions. This approach saves integration costs and expedites time to market for innovative Wi-Fi offerings.

Favorable Economics: OpenWiFi offers a compelling economic proposition for both Service Providers and Enterprises. The combination of deployment savings (CAPEX) and automation-driven operational savings (OPEX) leads to a substantial reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to existing proprietary solutions. OpenWiFi’s broad selection of cloud controllers and access points from mulSpatiumXGle vendors grants service providers the freedom of choice and flexibility in implementing enterprise-grade Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Embrace OpenWiFi to capitalize on its cost efficiencies, accelerate innovation, and drive favorable economics for Wi-Fi deployments across the industry.

OpenWiFi: Unleashing Unique Capabilities

Community-Driven Development: OpenWiFi embodies a community-driven approach, with customer needs serving as the foundation for development. All stakeholders have the power to participate and contribute, as transparency reigns with open access to source code and nightly test results. This collaborative model facilitates swift development and release of customer-defined features, eliminating the lengthy wait for updates from traditional vendors.

Fully Disaggregated Open Tech Stack: OpenWiFi’s software tech stack boasts a comprehensive range of advanced Enterprise and Carrier-grade features. It encompasses open, standardized APIs and data models for Access Points (AP) and Controllers, scalability for mobility and Wi-Fi meshing, extensible Radio Resource Management (RRM), support for Passpoint (802.11u) and OpenRoaming, configuration, telemetry, analytics, and much more. This robust feature set empowers businesses with unparalleled flexibility and functionality.

Commercial-Grade Automated Testing: Leveraging the best practices of web-scale software development and Wi-Fi OEM industry, the SpatiumXG OpenWiFi project delivers commercial-grade quality. The project incorporates CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) software builds for all hardware platforms, employs DevOps-managed release engineering, and harnesses the strength of community-developed automated testing. These measures ensure high-quality, reliable software.

Product Compliance Validation: The OpenWiFi community takes responsibility for overseeing and ensuring compliance of OpenWiFi-based products with the software tech stack. Compliance testing encompasses various criteria, such as access point hardware SKUs passing software capability tests, cloud solutions interoperating with any OpenWiFi compliant access point, software products correctly implementing the OpenWiFi cloud controller SDK northbound API, and multi-vendor OpenWiFi networks seamlessly interworking.

Globally Secure Zero Touch Provisioning: OpenWiFi incorporates Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) over the public internet, providing a robust and secure method for deploying disaggregated network systems. This global approach ensures secure provisioning while maintaining ease and simplicity in network setup.

OpenWiFi harnesses these unique capabilities to revolutionize Wi-Fi infrastructure, empowering businesses with enhanced performance, security, and flexibility.


The Thriving OpenWiFi Community Ecosystem

The OpenWiFi initiative has fostered a vibrant ecosystem comprising over 100 service providers, software OEMs, and hardware ODMs. This diverse community collaborates to develop, commercialize, and deploy solutions based on OpenWiFi.

Key highlights of the OpenWiFi community ecosystem include:

Service Providers at the Forefront: Over ten service providers are actively trialing OpenWiFi for critical use cases, spanning various scenarios such as Business Wi-Fi, Venue HotSpots, Roaming/Offload, personalized MDUs (Multi-Dwelling Units), and more. Their engagement showcases the value and potential of OpenWiFi in real-world deployments.

ODMs Driving Hardware Innovation: More than five ODMs have successfully shipped a wide range of OpenWiFi-compatible Whitebox Access Points tailored for indoor and outdoor use cases. This demonstrates the ecosystem’s commitment to hardware innovation, expanding options for organizations seeking reliable and scalable Wi-Fi solutions.

Wi-Fi OEMs Embracing OpenWiFi Stack: A total of eight Wi-Fi OEMs have embraced the OpenWiFi stack to build robust commercial solutions. These solutions encompass a wide array of functionalities, including WLANaaS (Wireless LAN as a Service), machine learning-driven automation, advanced analytics, device security, and more. By leveraging the OpenWiFi stack, these OEMs empower businesses with cutting-edge Wi-Fi capabilities.

The OpenWiFi community ecosystem brings together a diverse range of stakeholders, collaborating to drive innovation, accelerate adoption, and unlock the full potential of OpenWiFi-based solutions. Through this collective effort, the ecosystem is revolutionizing the Wi-Fi landscape, ushering in a new era of connectivity and possibilities.